Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Be at the wrong place at the wrong time

            Not seen as
                                    what you are
            Not heard as
                                    what you say
            Not pronounced as
                                    what you scribble
Like a ‘foam’ upon an ‘empire of make believe’
            You are sure to be laughed off as a Joker

While you ponder on the lines of Camu or Ionesco
                        Throwing up Pamuk or Kundera now and then
And a thread so red on your arm is taken as a ‘Coelho’fix
You are sure to be.....

While letting out the deepest of your intense emotions
And to be on the frame of a Peeping Tom
You are sure to be...

When you are there to abandon all hypes
         And is adjudged ‘the right player’
While your heart grow still
And is observed as yet another scene of an idiotic play
You are sure to be....

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

unconditional love !

i shall bind you in shackles
    you shall be free for me then...